Computer System
Computer hardware consists of the components that can be physically handled. The function of these components is typically divided into three main categories: input, output, and storage. We shall explain the following components :-
Main Processor Unit
Hard Disk Drive
Floppy Drive



Main Processor Unit -

Central Processing Unit (CPU) - microscopic circuitry that interprets and executes instructions, and controls and provides the processing power for computers. Usually a CPU is a microprocessor chip, a single piece of silicon containing millions of electrical components.


Random Access memory, a temporary store for data being used by the current process. The storage locations can be accessed in any order. Note that the various types of ROM memory are capable of random access. The term RAM, however, is generally understood to refer to volatile memory, (i.e. data in ram is lost if power is removed).

Hard Disk Drive

Hard Drives are fast high-capacity storage units that are completely enclosed in a protective case, they are an electromechanical device that reads from and writes data to a set of disks coated with material that allows the magnetic recording of data.

Floppy Disks

Floppy disks round, flat piece of Mylar coated with ferric oxide, a rust like substance containing tiny particles capable of holding a magnetic field, and encased in a protectve plastic cover, the disk jacket.


Means comact disk read-only memory, a form of storage characterised by high capacity (roughly 600 megabytes) and the use of laser optics rather than magnetic means for reading data. Although CD-ROM devices are strictly read-only, they are similar to optical WORM(write once, read many) devices and to optical read-write drives.

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